Portfolio Work Descriptions

Inspirational type

I created this project during my freshman year at the KCAI, the reason I decided to create a shadow out of type use natural lighting (the sun). This project was meant for people to experience light with type and how that can change the experience by making it interactive. This project was created with cardboard using a laser cutter. The type I chose were poems by Maya Angelou.

Domestic Insulation

This domestic insulation was created for a project during my sophomore year titled “project one”. We had to choose a four-letter word we wanted to work with for the entire semester. The word I chose was domestic because it reminded me of home.

Experimental Collage Posters

These projects were created in image class during my sophomore years out of collage pictures. This project was an exercise that was meant to open our minds to creating a spontaneous composition.

Transformation Box

This project was made in a class called “Miniature Constructions for the Camera” my freshman year. This project was inspired by my life and how I was trying to transform my life to be a businesswoman and grow up. But before I decided to become a graphic designer, I was a basketball player and I thought that I was going to be a professional in the WNBA, but things change. This is the reason I decided to experiment with wood, cardboard, and foam core.

Tool Translation Experimental Book

The tool translation book project was a project that I worked on my sophomore year in Image class. We had to choose a hand tool that we wanted to experiment in image making with different methods and styles. This project showed me how one tool could be used in many different forms and styles.

Social Poster

The social poster was created in my Semiotics class We chose a topic that presents a problem in the world today. The social issue I chose was discrimination in the workplace. The reason I chose this topic is that you always have discrimination in the workplace when it comes to paying between women and men. It appears some jobs men are paid more than women. That’s not right, so I decided to create this poster to show how women are treated in the workplace. Even though women are the ones that raise men.

3D Type

The 3D type “L” formation was created in “Type One”. We were to choose a letter that we wanted to experiment with for the entire semester. So, the letter I chose was “L” So I decided to build an “L” structure out of wood and experiment with it through fire. I decided to capture a moment of deterioration through wood with my little form that was created.

Folly Poster

The Folly Posters was a project that we created posters for the Folly Theater, which is a jazz music theater. We were given four different artists that we had to create posters for. The artists I had were Joshua Redman, Arturo Sandoval, Ramsey Lewis, and Kurt Elling. I decided to redesign my Kurt Elling Poster for this final project.

Kay’s Packaging Project Design

This project was created in Human Centered Design, where I had to research and find how the products that I chose, which were Shea Butter, Olive, and Coconut Oil, were marketed and designed. Then find a way to redesign my own packaging systems. So, I decided to experiment with laser cutting small plastic bottles, trying to find a way to create my own technique than just using stickers placed on the bottles like a lot of companies do, So I decided to use laser cutting.

Information Cards

In type 3 we were to pick out of an archive of artist works that we would like to recreate. The artwork that I decided to recreate was a chapter from the book, “The Harlem Renaissance”. What I decided to do was create informational cards of these different artists that were mentioned in this section. So I wanted to show the artists’ work and I wanted to have the description of the artist work on the back of the cards so you get the image plus the description of the artist’s work.

Short Term and Long Term Goals

Short Term Goals

  1. To learn new and exciting ways to develop my work.
  2. To visit a graphic design studio
  3. To meet with a representative at a major studio in Kansas city.
  4. To get a internship during the summer
  5. Finding a Graphic Design mentor

Long Term Goals

  1. Learn the tricks and trades in a design firm.
  2. After graduating, move to New York, Florida or Portland, Organ to work for companies like Sawyer Studios which is a movie advertising company, Velvet Spectrum which is also an advertising creative studio, etc.
  3. Travel around the world working for different design and movie advertising studios.
  4. Work in the film industry
  5. work as a designer in the NBA and WNBA.
  6. Start working on opening my own Graphic design and advertising company.

Prototyping and User Testing Process

When creating each process of how the audience could view my message in different ways opened up a lot of different ways and methods of making.

Taking my process to different people and seeing how they would react to them if they were in the space that they portray to be in.

The methods for my mock-ups

  • Billboards
  • Ballot Box
  • Business Cards
  • Sticker or Decal

The people that viewed my mock-ups

  • Aldo from Media Center
  • Abby from Illustration
  • Lynda from Financial aid

Aldo said “

Ethos, Logos, and Pathos Zine about Discrimination

In today’s society, there is a lot of discrimination happening in the Workplace.  With my Zine, I wanted to bring this subject to light and let you see that discrimination comes in all types of forms and ways.

This is the cover of my page: the reason I choose a person crying is that this is a sad topic to think about.

These quotes from Mrs. Oprah Winfrey and Mr. Nelson Mandela are what I choose for my Ethos which is from logical sources.



Ethos- gives a word or phrase, a visual meaning.

Ethos Images








Pathos- shows emotion in what is seen or said.

Pathos ImagesRelated image

Image result for emotionImage result for calm

Image result for crying

Image result for angry

Image result for scared

Image result for shy

Logos- something that users should already know about a word.

Logos Images



Denotation-A meaning of a word, that has a different feeling.

Connotation- the idea that a word or phrase gives you.

Syntagm-  a set of forms.

Paradigm-  a pattern of an image.

Digital code- a coding system used with your computer.

Analog code- a output of a coding system

Convention- a form in which you place together.

Motivation- something that makes you feel a certain way.

Anchorage- something that is best suitable for you.